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SPECIAL OFFER: EasyBloom is available at the price of $49 $24.99 (50% Discount Per Unit)
Free Delivery on every order!
SPECIAL OFFER: EasyBloom is available at the price of $49 $24.99 
(50% Discount Per Unit)
Free Delivery on every order!
Over 10,000+ Happy Customers.
Customer Reviews
Megan C.
Best oil EVER!!
I'd been suffering from hair loss from a stressful event. This hair oil has eased my soul and my scalp. My hair is regrowing and it looks fuller. Of course, no one thing by itself will work. I’m also taking vitamins and eating healthy. But this product does everything it says and it’s a really great price considering other things. I massage it in at night and wash it out in the morning.
Marygold L.
I have thinner, fine hair, but I recently read how good jojoba oil is for the hair and scalp. I’m of that “mature” age when everything either falls down or falls out, including my hair. However, I was hoping jojoba oil would help slow down my hair loss. I have to admit that the first few weeks i didn't think it was working all that well, but after a few for months i noticed a big difference in my hair. I stopped losing hair as fast as before, and noticed tonnes of baby hairs growing out, which is a really good sign. And it leaves my hair soft and very shiny. I don’t use it every day, but I do at least a couple times a week. A lot of the old things are coming back into use again, and for good reason.
Audrey Akers
Awesome product 👍👌 made my hair so much softer and shiner! Will definitely buy again. For best results leave it overnight or even for 2-3 days and do a 15-min hot towel wrap and then wash hair... works great! Also, apply in scalp and roots and then massage gently for like 10 minutes- listen to some relaxing music while massaging scalp! It’s very invigorating therapy for scalp, hair roots and reduces hair fall as well!!! I will be buying this hair oil again!

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